Wednesday, July 18, 2012


About a month ago, I tore my MCL.  It was a freak accident.  Someone was holding my foot, I twisted the wrong way and...pop.  The first thing I thought about was the pain.   Like any sane person, the second thought that immediately went through my mind was...How long am I going to be out from BJJ?

I hobbled my way back home that night, but the next day I couldn't walk without assistance.  I was pretty scared, because even though I  have injured both knees pretty bad in the past, I have never hurt myself to the point where I couldn't walk.  I took a taxi to the hospital.  Four hours, one giant sized needle injected straight into my knee, and one HIV test later (it's a long story), the doctor told me to come back on Monday for a MRI.

                                         Look, a real Korean!

On Monday, I showed up to see the doctor, and he tells me that I have a level 1 MCL tear.  The good news is that I  didn't need surgery or an expensive MRI.  A wave of relief rushed over me.  It wasn't as serious as I had thought.  My immediate response was, “When can I start training again”?  He just gave me a deadpan look and started laughing.    He said it would be awhile before I could start training again.  Then he hooked my leg up to some funny gadget that tickled.


“Who do these doctors think they are”? I thought.  With their fancy medical jargon, modern science, and nice hair cuts.   In my four plus years of training, I have never gone more than a week or two without training.  I was pretty depressed.

This last month I've still been going to my gym to do weight training (which the doctor said was okay).  After about a week and a half I started to doing the stationary bike, so I could keep my cardio up.  After about three weeks, I started drilling very lightly.  No sparring though.

                                                   My training partner for the last month

This week, my leg has been feeling pretty good, although I am going to be extra careful not to push it too hard.  I had good training sessions and hopefully I will be 100% soon.

                               Monday night gi class

                               Thursday night no gi


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