Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sung Hee-yong 성희용

Sung Hee-yong is one of three black belts here in Busan, Korea and one of my instructors.  He earned his black belt in 2009 from Marco Barbosa after about six years of training.

I sat down and did a video interview with him today, but I couldn′t get the video downloaded and edited correctly.  I′ve never edited anything before, and I felt like one of those primates from 2001:  A Space Odyssey seeing that monolith thing for the first time.

It′s really short, but it was the best I could do with the language barrier.  Anyway, hopefully it adds a little insight to those curious about BJJ here in Busan and Korea in general.  Next week, I will have a more in depth (and hopefully longer) interview with my other instructor.  Enjoy.

Interviewer:  I′m here with Sung Hee-yong, a black belt in BJJ and an instructor here at East Heaven White Mountain Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (동천백산).  When did you start training BJJ??

Sung Hee-yong:  I started BJJ in 2003.

Interviewer:  How did you become interested in BJJ?

Sung Hee-yong:  Well, back in 2003, I went to Seoul with a friend of mine who was a representative for Korea in Judo and an MMA fighter.  I am also a black belt in Judo.  When it was time to do ground work, he was able to dominate me using the guard.  I became instantly intrigued and decided that I wanted to learn more.

                                         2009 Campeonato Federacao

Interviewer:  How many times have you been to Brazil?

Sung Hee-yong:  I have been to Brazil three times.

Interviewer:  What level were you when you first went?

Sung Hee-yong:  I was a purple belt.

Interviewer:  Can you describe your style of BJJ and what techniques you like to use?

Sung Hee-yong:  Of course.  Well, I am a big guy.  I like to use my hip bone and upper body to create  pressure on my opponent to make them uncomfortable.  Also, I think that one of the most important things in BJJ is to create leverage whenever possible.  It′s one my philosophies.  Whenever I′m doing BJJ I′m always thinking of two things:  First, controlling my opponent′s neck, and, second, using my own body to create leverage to control and manipulate my opponent.

Interviewer:  Well, thank you very much Master Sung for taking the time out to do an interview today.

Sung Hee-yong:  You′re welcome.

                                         Sung Hee-yong receiving his black belt in Brazil

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