Saturday, August 11, 2012

DREAM gloves

Before dream went under, I was fortunate enough to able to go and see two live events, DREAM 14 (white cage) and DREAM 17.  Besides Ebay, I have only seen DREAM gloves for sale at two places:  at DREAM events (for 20,000 Yen) and on YAHOO! Japan Auction. 

    Aoki's signature directly above the right glove (you can barely see it though). 

First, DREAM gloves should come in a plastic box (all the ones I have seen do) that looks like this:
 The first thing I noticed was how huge the padding in the middle of the glove was (about an inch thick).

The gloves are made of leather and are not shiny at all.  All the stitching on the gloves are blue and the foam around the thumb holes is blue as well.  The DREAM logo is laminated on the glove.

The tag on the inside of both gloves says, “Made in Japan”.

My gloves are large.  All the gloves for sale at the DREAM merchandise booth were large.  The pairs I have seen for sale on Ebay, Yahoo! Japan Auction, and on sale on random forums have also always been large as well.
                               Merchandise booth at DREAM 14

One of things that sticks out in my mind the most about DREAM was how quiet the audience was.  You could hear a pin drop in the stadium.  Any submission attempt or sweep was accompanied by golf claps.  I got to meet Kawajiri, Aoki, and Takaya.  I saw Omigawa with some babe at one of the snack stands.  He was wearing giant asshole sunglasses inside the building and eating some junk food.  I shook his hand.   I also tried to buy Sakuraba's mask off some yuppie who caught it, but unfortunately I didn't succeed.  The last time I went to Japan I splurged and got seats about ten rows behind the ring (hey, sometimes you have to treat yourself).  Everything was so close!  Here are some pics:

                               DREAM 17 Hansen v.s. Kawajiri

                               DREAM 14 “Wicky” after he KO'd  Tokoro

                               DREAM 17 Imanari (I heard he is good at those footlock things)

   Saitama Super Arena-Actual real, live Japanese people...amazing!


  1. Hey in the last year ive been searching for dream gloves signed/ or not doesnt matter im nt worried about price i just havnt seen any at all any info on where i could look thnx

  2. The only place I've seen them is on Yahoo Japan Auction. Go there and copy and paste this: PRIDE グローブ

    There's actually a pair of DREAM gloves up for auction right now. You will have to purchase them through a buying group. I recommend using Crescent. I have used them in the past to buy stuff from Yahoo Japan Auction and their service is really good.