Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Failing body

My body is slowly falling apart.  I tore my MCL two months ago, and my left shoulder has been screwed up for over six months now (I am going to the doctor next week to find out what is wrong).  Saturday, I went in to train and after, I started to do my strength training exercises, and now I can't do any pull ups.  I  do pull ups with twenty five kilos (fifty five pounds), but now I can't even do one  properly without any weight.  My right arm is weak for some reason, and my body is pulling to one side.  What is really weird is that my arm doesn't hurt at all.  I could only train once last week, so I have no idea what is going on.  All this stuff is mentally and physically taxing to say the least.

Perhaps though, I found what can cure my ailments:

I found this ginseng lying around the gym tonight.  I never saw ginseng root before I came to Korea, and it is really beautiful.  Korea is actually famous for its ginseng, and it is widely considered the best in the world (so I have heard).  I practically know nothing about ginseng, but I have heard that some of it can get pretty expensive and cost thousands of dollars.


My instructor told me this particular ginseng is resting in soju.  If you are not familiar with soju, it is the time honored,  national  beverage of the country that originates from the majestic heart mountains of Korea...actually it is more like drinking gasoline.  No wait, gasoline might be better for you.  

My instructor saw me taking pictures and tried to give it to me, but I couldn't bring myself to take it.  He told me you wait about five or six years and then open it up and drink it.  Too cool.


  1. WOW so cool! Then, are you gonna drink that Jinseng soju after five years?

  2. Maybe, I'm scared that if I drink it I might have a xenomorph come bursting out of my chest like in Alien. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was the movie Prometheus.