Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Special Forces X 동천백산 (Dong Cheon Baek San)

    My instructors Chae-In-muk and Sung Hee-yong training the Korean Special Forces here in Busan

My instructor has been hired by the Korean government to create a new self defense system for the military.  He told me that the style that he is creating incorporates elements of BJJ, boxing, Kung-fu, kickboxing, and wrestling.  He called it something like “military mixed martial arts” and then made a kicking motion toward my crotch.

For those unfamiliar with the Korean armed forces, all males here in Korea  must serve a mandatory military service of two years.  Most guys dread having to do this since they are basically cut off from the world for two years (usually stationed somewhere in the boondocks), very rarely get to see their family and friends, and don't get paid much.

Actually, one of my gym buddies went to serve his two years right after receiving his blue belt.  He's finished his military service, but I have only seen him at the gym about two times since he's been back (almost a year now).  It's a damn shame, too, because he was one hell of a grappler and a great training partner who happened to be the same size as me.

                                        Have you seen this man?  MIA (missing in action), my bud Jae-sun

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