Sunday, November 4, 2012

Isami Double Weave

When I saw this gi on sale at the Isami shop in Seoul I  just knew I had to have it.  It's a $200.00 gi (well,  a little over $200.00) and I got it at almost 50% off.  BJJ gis here in Korea are insanely expensive.  I wanted a Koral MKM, but didn't feel like spending $300.00 on my gi fetish. 

To start, apparently the worst aspect of this gi here in Korea is the strategically placed patch of Japan on the left shoulder:

                                         Not good

Japan isn't the most popular country around these parts, and one of the first things my instructor did was point to the patch, laugh, and say,"not good". 


I am 5'7 140 pounds (64 kg).  I wear an A-0.  I purchased a 3L, which is basically a size between A-0 and A-1.  A 4 would have been way too huge for me.  If you go to you can get exact measurements, gi shrinkage rates, and even get a customized gi with your own measurements.  I put this gi in the dryer, because it was still a tad too large for my liking.  It shrunk a little bit. 

Right away I noticed that the gi is cut like a Judo gi.  The sleeves are really wide.  This is actually a plus, because during practice I can just complain about not being able to break grips due to the size of the sleeves and not my crappy technique.  Here are some tips:
1.  While rolling complain to your partners that your sleeves are too long.
2.  Afterwards, say, "I could have passed your spider guard.  It's just this damn gi".

I like my gi jackets to be a bit more form fitting, but despite being a little roomy in the in the arms and the armpits, this is a beautiful gi and the most comfortable gi I have ever worn.  To be honest, it doesn't even feel like a kimono.  It feels like a soft bathrobe. 

This is also the finest crafted gi I own.  Those crazy Japanese and their eye for detail and obsession with quality control.  The stitching and craftsmanship are superb.

Let's see what my cat Iyagi, who just happens to be a high level grappler, thinks of this kimono.

Can this gi stand the scrutiny of one of the most respected and feared BJJ gear critics on the web?

・Quality craftsmanship (best-made gi I own)
・ Soft material; most comfortable gi I have ever worn
・My cat seems to like it
・Still holding up great after six months of continual use
・drawstring on pants isn't a pain in the ass

・Japan patch
・Sleeves are cut too big
・A little roomy under the arms and in the chest


  1. You're welcome. Thanks for reading!

  2. Nice review. Question: Do you think one should size down for the jacket width given how baggy it seems to be in the torso? I'm a tall, rather lean guy.

    Shout out from Austin, TX.

    1. Are you going to order one from Chokesports? I've read that the ones sold from there are not a judo cut like the ones sold here in Asia. I think if you buy one from there, it shouldn't be as roomy under the arms, and it shouldn't be a wide in the sleeves.

      The good thing about ordering one from there is that you can customize the length of the arms and the jacket skirt.

      You're from Austin!? That's awesome. I'm moving back later this year, and I need to find a new gym to train at.

  3. How thick is the collar? Is there foam inside the collar?

    1. The collar isn't very thick, and it's not too thin. It's perfect. I'm not sure if there is foam inside. Call Chokesports and ask them. They will give you a definite answer.