Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jean Cousteau-Leg Lock Defense & Knowing When to Tap to Leglocks Part I

“Hello, dear viewers and welcome to the amazing and exotic world of leg locks. I am your host, Jean Cousteau. I will be your guide and companion, and together we will explore places beyond your wildest imagination”. 

                                                   Jean Cousteau

Today dear friends I bring you episode two in our series The Joys of the Leglock.  For zose' of you who did not tune in last time, here is episode one:

Many people ask me, "Jean, how do I defend ze' leg lock and  how do I know when to tap"?  Today, my friends we will delve into zese' interesting riddles. 

To begin with, to properly execute ze' toe hold, djou must have ze' leg of your opponent bent at ze' knee. 


To defend, simply straighten your leg and your foot out like this.  Your foot should be pointed forward.  Beautiful and simplistic.

                                 Good defensive leg posture against a toe hold 

Zis' makes ze' toe hold less ineffective.  You can also push djour opponent's hand with your free leg if ze' have you in a toe hold. 

If ze' have you in a  heel hook, you can also grab their hand or if you don't have time to straighten out djour knee, put djour foot flat on ze' ground.

I find zat' simply straightening out my leg is the most effective way to counter zese' techniques.  Aahhh, but you may say, "Jean, if I straighten my leg out, ze' will counter with ze' ankle lock"!  You must be quick and stead fast!  Anticipation is part of defending.  Always be ready to anticipate djour opponent's reactions.  If ze' try ze' ankle lock, sit up and try to grab the back of zer' head and don't try to roll out of it!  Don't let djour opponent turn to ze' outside where ze' torque is ze' strongest.

If you roll out of ze' heel hook (in ze' same direction djour opponent is twisting), watch out for ze' dreaded creature known as ze' knee bar!  Zese' vile beast has claimed ze' lives of countless victims on ze' mat.

                                         Ze' beast in ze' wild:  Palhares

If you do not have time to triangle djour legs, seat on djour butt and push djour opponent's butt with djour free leg. 

 “Make sure to tune in next time for more adventure.  Thank you dear viewers, and until next time, I bid thee a wonderful evening”.

Part II coming soon....

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