Saturday, November 24, 2012

Road FC 010 in Busan

It was a  good night of fights tonight.  I got to BEXCO around 2:30 p.m., and there were already a lot of people in line waiting to get into the auditorium.

I hung out for awhile outside and talked to some of my teammates.  On my way in I ran into the "Korean Pitbull".

                      Seo Doo-won

The afternoon started off with Road FC Young Guns 6, which showcased all the up and coming fighters.  The fights were two five minute rounds.

My seat was pretty good (I was six rows from the front).  After Young Guns 6 finished, one of my instructors came over to me and asked me if I wanted to meet Jeff Monson.  Of course my answer was, "Yes"!  I am a huge Jeff Monson fan.  He then proceeded to try and extort money from me for the privilege.

 This guy is a 200 pound BJJ/Judo black belt and ex professional kick boxer.  Best to give him money when he asks-My instructor Sung Hee-yong 성회용

My instructor took me back stage to the warm up rooms, and I got to meet a bunch of the fighters.  I enjoyed meeting the fighters, but I didn't want to bother them too much before their fights and besides I am pretty shy person. 

                                         Sung Hee-yong, "the Snow Man", me

                               Bae Myung-ho and Kang Kyung-ho


I even got to meet my favorite fighter on the card (besides Monson) Takasuke Kume!

                                            Takasuke Kume and I

Kume was getting his hands taped.  After he was done I asked him if I could take a picture with him.  What really surprised me was how small he was in person.  We were about the same size.  He always looks huge and ripped on T.V.  Anyway, he was a really friendly guy and super nice.  He smiled a lot and even spoke some English.  I joked around and told him to him to choke Seung Chul-yoon (which he proceeded to do later on) and he laughed.  Big, big fan of this guy, and I'd love to see him in the UFC. 

After I met some of the fighters, I got to move to a seat on stage right next to the cage for the main card.

   My new seat

As I was waiting for the fights to start, Jeff Monson sat by me and asked me if I could do him a favor.  When a huge, scary looking bald man who has more tattoos than you've had hot meals comes over and asks you to do him a favor; you really only have one choice I guess (does anyone see a pattern developing here?).  Jeff asked me if I could signal his wife on his way into the cage, so that she could sit next to me.  "Could you do that for me?", he asked.  Jeff gave me an easy task to accomplish, and I failed miserably at it.  I was unable to get his wife's attention when they came out.  How simple can one man be?  Incurring the wrath of the Snow Man is not on my must do list.  I'm glad he won....

   Jeff Monson v.s. Kang Dong-guk

Looks like everyone is going to get what they wanted.  It's Takasuke Kume v.s. Nam Yui-chul for the Road FC lightweight title. It's going to be an awesome fight, and I got Kume even though I am a big Nam Yui-chul fan.   

                               Nam Yui-chul v.s. Vuyisile Colossa

After Kume won his fight I congratulated him and was able to snap a picture.  
                     "Da Jaguar" 

I tried to get a pic of Nam Yui-chul after his win, but he let out a Tarzan-esque scream and hauled ass from the cage all the way back to his dressing room.  It's probably not a good idea to bother the Korean Bulldozer when he gets excited like that. 

Also, there is a new Road FC middleweight champion:  Lee Eun-soo!
   Shungo Oyama v.s. Lee Eun-soo

Also, Mr. Monson, if you ever happen to read this, I tried!

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