Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This past weekend we had our annual end of the year party at my academy.  Two of my teammates got brown belts and one got promoted to blue.   I'd like to say a little bit about my teammates.

                                            Master Chae, Choi, and Master Sung

Choi is a great guy and a good teammate.  He is also a life long Judoka.  He's been doing BJJ for a long time, too.  He was a purple belt back when I was just a white belt!  Choi earned his blue belt from Marcelo Garcia and his purple belt here in Korea.  He has a very interesting style that is very Judo oriented.  Don't let him pass your guard and get side control, because you will never get out!  He knows more gi chokes than anyone I know.  He is also a professional musician and music professor.  His jazz ensemble Page One plays every week here in Busan and is awesome. 

                               Master Chae, Young-suk, Master Sung

Young-suk has been doing BJJ for a very, very long time and trains very hard.  He is a very nice guy and will always help you and share knowledge with you whenever you need it.  In fact, one of the reasons my BJJ has progressed to where it is today is because of him.  When I was a white belt and a blue belt, he would always take me aside after class and teach me stuff.  I feel very grateful towards him, and I was very happy to see him get promoted.  Never let him get into deep half guard position, because you will probably get swept.  Young-sak is also a professional muy thai fighter and owns and operates his own BJJ/muy thai gym here in Busan. 


I always really enjoy seeing the guys I train with being acknowledged for all the hard work and effort they put in on the mat.  It always makes me feel really proud of them.  After the gauntlet and belt whipping, we ate lots of food (tons of pizza and fried chicken). I had a great time.


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