Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday night training 12-06-2012

                               Look how excited he is to be in my blog....

Everyone has that one training partner that they love to spar with.  Someone that is a pleasure to roll with and pushes you to be better a grappler.  Someone that actually improves your BJJ, because you know that you have to think and train extra hard to keep up with him or her.  The guy you are looking at I will call "the Natural".  Not only is he a hard worker, he is one of the most humble, nice guys I have ever had the pleasure to train with.  When he is not busy Tornado sweeping people or curling up into a pretzel, you can find him at the gym always in a positive mood and ready to learn.

Tonight it was a cold as a witch's teat.  I've been training in Korea now for about four years.  Our gym has never had air conditioning or central heating.  It gets so damn cold in the gym during winter.  That is until now:

  I bow to thee, all powerful and fearsome heater of the gym.  All tremble before your presence.

Check this baby out.   That's right, this bad boy pumps out 51,000 BTU per minute.  Actually, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.  This thing is really warm, though. 

Tonight a huge Judo guy came in to practice.  I've practiced with him before.  He was really strong and had a really good base (duh).  I think one of his legs is the size of both of mine put together. 

 I would call him "Judo guy" but that name is taken by someone else, "Big" Choi on the right

  Everybody wanted to watch "Judo guy" II roll

Two of my teammates fought in Tokyo, Japan last week as ZST.33 10th Anniversary.  One won by KO (Kang Jung-min), and the other fought to a draw (Jo Sung-won).   It was his pro debut, and he went up against Atsushi Ueda who has had twenty five professional fights. 

                                           Jo Sung-won

Sung-won gave me a program from the fights.

                     ZST.33 10th Anniversary 

   Humina, humina, humina-RVDDW Girls

I'm a big RVDDW fan, and I saw in the program that they are coming out with a Street Fighter II and Karate Kid inspired line.  Too cool!

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