Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kim Dong-huynh 김동현

 the "Stun Gun" and  I

I found out today that Kim Dong-huynh is doing the ADCC Korea trials on January 26th in Seoul.  He will be competing in the -88 KG division.  By chance, him and a couple of the Team MAD guys stopped by the gym tonight to train.  I've been training here in Korea for about four years, and I've been to Team MAD to train before, but this was the first opportunity I've had to meet and train with Kim.  He was a really nice guy, and it was fun getting to roll with him.

                               Park Jun-young and Kim Dong-huynh

I like it when the Team MAD guys visit the gym, because they have a different style than what I am generally used to.  They are also very fast grapplers.  My game is more slow and methodical, so I really enjoy the style contrast.  They are very skilled, and I have to think very quickly and constantly be on my toes.  Rolling with them pushes my cardio as well. 

On a side note, tonight had to be the coldest night I have ever experienced in Korea in four years!  In fact, this winter seems to be exceptionally cold here.  It rarely ever snows in Busan, but we got snow in December.  I can't even imagine how freezing cold it must be in Seoul. 

    Snow day in Busan-view from my apartment

Today, it actually hurt when I went outside.  All we have at the gym are two tiny heat lamps.  I could see my own breath in the gym, and my toes felt like solid blocks of ice.  At least it got better as more people showed up and I started moving around and sparring. 

I believe Kim will drop by the gym a couple of times per week leading up to the competition.

   Tozi Korea

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