Sunday, January 27, 2013

King Of Grappling Seoul, South Korea

 I competed in the very first King of Grappling event this past weekend in Seoul sponsored by Road FC, Strata, and Isami.  I have to say that this tournament was very well run, organized, and professional. 

The weigh-ins, rules meeting, and the start times of the matches were all very prompt (on time) and orderly.  The organizers had three mats going on all at the same time with the far left mat running the beginner's division, the middle mat running the intermediate division, and the far right mat holding the advanced division. 

Also, I got first place in the -62 kg advanced division, other known as the "Hobbit" division. 

I received a Strata hat, a t-shirt, and a Clinch Gear rashguard.  I've been competing here in Korea for four years, and this is the first tournament to award the advanced winners prizes.  So, I must say that King of Grappling rules!   Seoul is freezing right now, and it was freakin' cold in that gymnasium when the tournament started in the morning.  Fortunately, for me, I had the very first match of the day quickly followed by the second match of the day on the advanced mat.

This was also my very first tournament since tearing my MCL this past summer.  My knee still gives me problems, so I had to sit down at the beginning of my matches.

My Game Plan:
Listen to Mater of Puppets
2.  Match starts
3.  Leg lock/take back and choke
4.  Win
5.  Repeat
6.  Eat bad food

Both of my matches lasted less than two minutes combined.  Rules were:  No points for sweeps and no advantages, points for takedowns, passing, back control, and knee on belly, all leg (for the advanced division) except for heel hooks, and no knee reaping. 

                                         First Match

                                         Finals match

My friend Jackie also competed.  He won his first match in the -74 kg advanced by toe hold.  

                                     Jackie Choi
I was done by 10:00 a.m., and I had a lot of fun hanging out and watching all the matches.  I saw a lot of good grappling, and the everyone's sportsmanship was impeccable.  Next time I just hope it's not so damn cold.

   King of Grappling


  1. John, thanks for the review and for competing! I'm glad you had a good time. The two heaters we had going were definitely not enough to beat the cold. Could you please put this on the KoG FB page? It would be much appreciated. Thanks again, Jason.

  2. I had that same brace on my knee. I didn't know you tore it. Did you go under the knife?

    Listen to Master of Puppets! lol.

    Congratulations on the great performance.

  3. It was a level one tear, so I didn't have to have surgery. It was serious, though. I couldn't even walk for a few days. I still have to be really careful, and it gives me problems from time to time.