Thursday, February 28, 2013

BJJ LAB Technique: Roger Gracie style armbar

I recently created a website for my teammate and instructor Noh Young-ahm for his new BJJ gym here in Busan, Korea.  This is the third website I've made (Tozi Korea, the BJJ LAB, and my blog).  You can check out the website here:

It's not the fanciest website out there, but it's not half bad for a guy who isn't very tech savvy. 

We are going to try to upload a new technique video every week or every other week, so make sure to check the website.  Here is the technique for this week:  a Roger Gracie style armbar (the one he broke Jacare's arm with).  The best part is that the video co-stars yours truly!  Enjoy. 

Some Tips for This Technique
*Make sure to keep your elbow (the arm that is grabbing the sleeve) tight to your body
*In this particular scenario, you can't bring your leg over your opponent's face, because they are keeping their shoulders and hips square to you, not allowing you to shift your hips
*When your opponent bases off the sweep, you throw your leg over their head and armbar; you can keep their leg under hooked like Young-ahm does in the video or let go of it

Here is Young-ahm hitting it way back in 2006 when he was a blue belt!

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