Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Killer Bee Winter Edition Custom Gi


The time has come once again for me to....buy a new gi!  I can't help myself.  Getting a new gi makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas, and I can't wait to get my hands on this hot little number (yes, we are still talking about gis). Pathetic, isn't it?

The thing that's got me so excited is Killer Bee's Winter Edition Custom gi.  You can fully customize a gi for about $150.00.  There are a multitude of options to choose from:

-gi color (white, black, or blue) and choice of weave (Scutellata or Ligustica)
-contrast stitching (twelve colors ranging from orange to purple)
-custom embroidery, you can choose up to two scripts or custom images with twenty-one different areas on the gi to place your script or custom image
-customizable sleeve and pant length
-customizable trim work on the sleeve and pant cuffs
-choice of pant material (cotton or ripstop)

There is even an option that says "gusseted fabric crotch style" (normal fabric or gi material fabric).  What does that mean?  Who the hell knows, but it sounds cool. There are a ton of things to choose from, and I didn't even list them all.

My final order (after bothering my wife and my friend Jackie ceaselessly for about an hour and a half for advice) is:  a white gi with grey contrast stitching and pink trim on the bottom of the gi skirt and inside the end of the gi sleeves and pant legs.  Hanja (Chinese characters) will run down the left lapel in red, and I am placing my academy's old school logo on the back of the gi. The Killer Bee logo will be placed on the arms in white embroidery.


                                            "East Heaven White Mountain" 동천백산

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