Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday training 03-16-2013

Saturday, I had the pleasure of getting to train with Jeong Yoon-ho.  Yoon-ho trains out of Daegu MMA, is one of Korea's top purple belt competitors, and is a real gentleman.  Yoon-ho stopped by the gym to train with one of his teammates who qualified to go to Abu Dhabi this year. 

                                     Jeong Yoon-ho-Korea Grand Prix gold medal winner            

The other great thing is that he and I are about the same size.  Getting to roll with someone my size and skill level is quite the rare treat for me nowadays, and it was great.   

I've said this before, but I love getting to train with people from other gyms.  It's fun getting to roll with a person whose style you are not used to, and it can teach you about some of the holes and weaknesses in your game.  I look forward to getting the chance to train more with him in the future.  

Dammit all, don't let this little dude get on your back, because you will be in a world of trouble!

Hahaha, also my instructor has this picture hanging on the wall just above the entrance to the gym.  I'd never seen this picture before and thought it was quite amusing.  End transmission.

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