Sunday, April 28, 2013

Black Belt Korea presents: Masakazu Imanari

I can't wait! 


Seoul May 25 & Busan May 26 (Barbosa gym in Kyungsun)

Visit here to register:

2013년 5월 25일 토요일(서울), 5월 26일 일요일(부산)
Sat, 25th May (Seoul), Sun, 26th May (Busan)
서울(Seoul) – PM 2:00 ~ 5:00
서울YMCA 3층 유도장 (서울특별시 종로구 종로2가 9) / 02-732-8291
100명이상 운동 가능,  주차가능 (주차권 별매), 탈의ㆍ샤워시설 완비
Location : Seoul YMCA 3F Judo Gym (Chonggak Station Line no.1)
부산(Busan) – PM 2:00 ~ 5:00
동천백산 대연본관 (부산광역시 남구 대연1동 324-17번지) / 051-628-8567
부산 지하철 2호선 경성대부경대역 하차 5번 출구 직진 200미터 거리
Location : Dongcheonbacksan Dae-Yeon Bon-Kwan
address : 324-17, Daeyeon 1-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea
Subway : Kyeong-seong Univ. Line.2

비도복 (No-Gi)
종합격투기와 주짓수를 위한 하체관절기 (2시간)
Mastering Leg Locks for Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (2 hours)
스파링 (30분)
Sparring with Masakazu Imanari (30 min)
Questions & Answers
Total 3 Hours

세미나 참가비: 7만원 (70,000 KRW)

조기등록시 Pre-Register
~ 4월 28일까지 – 4만원 (40,000 KRW until 28th April)
~ 5월   5일까지 – 5만원 (50,000 KRW until 5th May)
~ 5월 12일까지 – 6만원 (60,000 KRW until 12th May)
이후 현장등록비와 동일
* PayPal is available.

* Bank Account for Payment : Nong-Hyup(NH BANK) 302-0450-1331-01 송광빈(Name)

* PayPal is available. (click here – email to

  - Register Fee on PayPal
   ~28th April, 40 USD
   ~5th May,  50 USD
   ~12th May, 60 USD
   after 70 USD
  - Please Check ‘Personal Payments’ and ‘Others’ 
* You can ONLY register with the register form above. No phone call or E-mail
* To get ‘Pre-register Discount’, the money must be sent by ‘the day’.
* The money paid will not be refunded. Please think carefully before you register.
* If the seminar is canceled, the money will be fully refunded.
* To send the register form, please drop the left square on the right square.

*There is also a discount for group-registration (minimum 5 people, 40,000 won for each)


  1. Haha we posted the same HL/info. I'll be going to the Seoul seminar. Can't wait either!

  2. That highlight video is the best.

    I checked out your blog. Keep filming yourself. It's good. If you are ever in Busan contact me, so that we can train together.