Monday, April 1, 2013

DEEP Loud Impact: DEEP Macs Headbangers

Sure, you knew Imanari could rip your foot off in seconds, but did you also know that he can grind his way into your heart?

The man, the myth......the hardcore vocalist?


Man, I wish I was in Tokyo.  I would be there!

                               Go Imanari!

                               DREAM 17 Masakazu Imanari v.s. Abel Cullum

Speaking of shows, the Deftones are playing in Seoul on May 9!  Man, I haven't been to a show in years since I left Austin.  Unfortunately, nobody that I know likes them here.  I don't mind going by myself, but the tickets are insane-110,000 Won (about 100.00 USD).  I've never paid that much for a show.  That's more than half of what I paid to see then in Austin the last time they played at the Austin Music Hall.

The Deftones sounding unusually good live in Austin

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