Monday, May 13, 2013

Frederic Rabert- Ceinture Marron (brown belt)

                     My instructor in France-Frederic Rabert brown belt

My teacher in France recently just received his brown belt after recently placing second in the purple belt division at the IBJJF Euros at rooster weight.  Fred has always been an inspiration for me.  His BJJ skills are incredible, and even though he is only a rooster weight he's never scared to do absolute divisions.  I've also always admired his level of maturity and dedication to BJJ.  Not to mention his generous nature.  He's the kind of instructor that will help you whenever he can and asks nothing in return.  

                               Fred avec Michael Langhi and Cobrinha

He would make a thirty minute drive two times a week (three if a competition was coming up) to teach us in Chaumont.  The club's annual fee was very low and Fred was teaching us BJJ practically for free and paying for things like gas out of his own pocket.  He would also arrange things like competitions trips and visits to other academies without asking anything from anyone.

           Championnat de France CFJJB-FFST 2013 gi et no gi ceinture marron (brown belt)

I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

-2013 Championnat de France CFJJB-FFST  gi et no gi vice champion ceinture marron (brown)
-2013 IBJJF Euros vice champion d Europe rooster ceinture violette (purple)
-2013 France Coupe de Zone sud 2 eme place absolude ceinture violette (purple)

                               Fred's wife Alex and his son Rickson avec Andre Galvao

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