Sunday, May 26, 2013

Imanari Seminar

 Yesterday I attended the Masakazu Imanari seminar here in Busan.  The seminar focused heavily on heel hooks.   Even though one of my favorite techniques is the leg lock, I'm not a big heel hook guy.  I learned some good things.  Particularly a little detail when controlling the leg and a pretty nasty guillotine choke.  

Imanari was a really nice guy, and I couldn't believe how small he is.  He's tiny.  He said that he was on a special diet, because he is dropping down to flyweight. 

I was really surprised when he said that he never teaches any of his students leg locks!  He said that he doesn't teach them, because he wants his students to have strong fundamentals.  Personally, I think that it is definitely possible to learn leg locks and have strong fundamentals.  I found his view very interesting considering the fact that he is such a famous leg lock guy.  Imanari is actually a black belt under Marcos Barbosa (the same instructor who gave my instructors their black belts), and he said that he like to train in the gi sometimes.  I got to spar with him.  I wanted to go for a leg lock, and I had the opportunity, but I was too nervous to try!

  Rolling Heel Hook 

Heel Hook Counter

Heel Hook From Back


                     %#*!@ You!

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