Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fat Buddha Tattoo-Busan, South Korea


I finally finished my sleeve, and I'm very happy.  It came out beautiful thanks to Horitatsu (or Mr. Kyung-jin).  If anyone is interested in getting work done here in Busan I highly recommend Fat Buddha.   Horitatsu has almost thirty years experience, and his work speaks for itself.  Not only that, Kyung-jin is an awesome guy and a wonderful human being.  The only bad part it that it hurt like hell! 

If anyone is interested, you can contact Kyung-jin on Facebook or if you have any questions feel free to leave me a message on here, and I will get back to you.  

I knew this was going to hurt when he told me, "Sorry John I will have to tattoo your nipple but it will be quick".


                     My wife's tattoo (not finished yet)
So beautiful, a real master:


  1. Hoooly crap, dude. That is hardcore. But you what, it really did come out great. Man, you are really living the zhoo zhitsu life now. I can't believe your wife got one too. Crazy. You know, I have an old small hangul one on my shoulder I was going to laser off. I wonder if he can work with it - give some ideas...

  2. Man that sleeve looks awesome...can I ask how long it took and how much? I'll be in Busan later in the year so wouldn't mind checking this guy out while I'm there :)

    Btw it's Justin, not sure if you remember but we met at Master Chae's gym in Kyungsung back in 2011. Congrats on your brown man, well deserved!


    1. Hey Justin, sure I remember you! The sleeve took about 3 weeks.