Saturday, September 28, 2013

When A Yokozuna Loses

The 2013 Aki Basho (Grand Sumo Tournament) is coming to a close.  I wanted to touch on a interesting and kind of funny topic that I didn't cover in my introduction to Sumo.

Part I-IV:

When there is an upset of a yokozuna (there are currently two) to a lower ranked wrestler during a tournament, the audience will react by throwing their 1 kg zabuton seat cushions into the the dohyo.  It's a three hundred year old tradition, and it's quite the spectacle.

     Haramafuji's first lost of this tournament (he hasn't had a good showing this tournament)

                           Hakuho's only loss of this tournament

Remember, each tournament is fifteen days with a wrestler having one match per day.  It is extremely difficult to go undefeated especially at the highest level.  A yokozuna wants to finish with as few loses as possible which means they don't want to lose at all!

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