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Noh Young-ahm 노영암

   Noh Young-ahm at the ADCC Trials-Philippines

Noh Youn-ahm is the fourth black belt we have here in Busan.  Actually, he is from Busan but is now living and teaching BJJ in Seoul at Cube MMA.  I can't say enough good things about Young-ahm.  Not only is he an amazing grappler and someone I look up to; he is one of the nicest guys I've met on the mat.  Young-ahm was kind enough to take the time to do a short interview for my blog.  Fresh from his win at the ADCC trials in the Philippines:  Noh Young-ahm. 

When did you start training jiu jitsu? How long did it take for you to receive your black belt?
I started submission grappling in 2002.  I started training in a gi in March of 2004.
                                         Noh Young-ahm receiving his black belt in 2011

How did you become interested in jiu jitsu?
Well, before I trained jiu-jitsu, I trained wrestling.  To be a good wrestler, the most impotant aspect is your physical ability.  I was really weak, so I became interested in jiu-jitsu.
What do you think is the most challenging part of jiu jitsu?
I think the challenging aspect of BJJ is that you have many different positions and, on top of that, you have to develop technique and become competent in a lot of these positions. 
What is your philosophy on jiu jitsu?
I think it is very, very important not to injure other people.  BJJ practitioners must learn to be patient.  My training partners help me get beter.  If he/she is injured then I can't improve.

                                              Noh Young-ahm and Marco Barbosa

Can you give some advice on how to improve in jiu jitsu? What did you do to help you improve?
You should practice and drill everyday and try your best to be competent in all areas. 
How many pro MMA fights did you have?
I had eight professional fights.
Why did you retire?
Well, I had to enter the army for my mandatory two years service (all Korean men must serve two years in the military).  Also, I'd be in the middle of an MMA and think to myself, "Why am I punching this guy in the head"?  I realized that I hate to strike people, hahahaha. 
 Noh Yong-ahm v.s. UFC fighter Kim Dong-huynh Spirit MC 3-I Will Be Back!!!

Do you feel like there is a difference between BJJ in Busan and BJJ in Seoul?
In Busan, the BJJ atmosphere is built in competition, and in Seoul the BJJ atmosphere is built in the gym.  Also, in Busan, it is common for the instructor to spar with his/her students regularly.  In Seoul, the instructors spar with the students too, but it is not as common as in Busan.  Also, we are lucky enough in Busan to have teachers that have trained and lived in Brazil (Park Jun-yong, Sung Hee-yong, and Chae In-muk).

At the Tozi Gym (Jeon Doo-gwang, DHK, Master Yang, Noh Young-ahm, Park Jun-young-far right)

Who are some BJJ players you admire?
My favorite BJJ player is Marcelo Garcia.  He is the no.1 BJJ fighter in the world, but on the mat and off the mat he is always gentle.  
How is the BJJ scene in Seoul? What do you think of the BJJ level in Korea in general?
I'm not sure.  I usually just roll at my gym in Seoul.
Where do you teach now? Can you tell me a little bit about your gym.
I teach at Cube MMA.  It is a gym of an acquaintance if mine

                                         Cube MMA (Noh Young-ahm third from left)

Is is true that you have never lost a competition match?
Yes, I have never lost a BJJ match, and I have done over twenty competitions.
You are doing the ADCC trials in November. Are you nervous? Do you get nervous before a competition, and how do you handle your nerves?
Of course I get nervous!   But being nervous just makes me stronger and faster. Strangely, when I fought at the ADCC trials, I was not nervous.
What is your favorite BJJ technique?
I love one legged X-guard, deep half guard, and the darce choke. *He also like to choke people, believe me.
Thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.
You're welcome.

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