Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jean Cousteau-Achilles Catarata

“Hello, dear viewers and welcome to the amazing and exotic world of leg locks.  I am your host, Jean Cousteau.  I will be your guide and companion, and together we will explore places beyond your wildest imagination”.  

                                                    Jean Cousteau

“Today, we will examine a common, yet fascinating species:  ze' Achilles Catarata, commonly known as ze′  Ankle Lock.  With us today to study this fascinating beast is ADCC Asia Trials Champion Jeon Doo-gwang (전두광).  He is somewhat of an expert in ze′ field and has been working extensively for ze′ past six years cataloguing and gathering vital information”.

 “Come, let us delve further into this exquisite creature”.

1.  Leave no space between your arm and your opponent′s ankle.

2.  Keep your legs closed to control your opponent′s leg.

3.  Fall to your side

4.  Your elbow should be behind your back

5.  Touch your head to the mat and arch your back.  You should have to use very little power to finish.

*I like to grab the ankle first, then tighten my legs around my opponent′s leg.  I use my inside leg as a shield when I am on my side, so that my opponent can not stand up and grab the back of my head.

                                         Your host encountering the Achilles Catarata in the wild

“Make sure to tune in next time for more adventure.  Thank you dear viewers, and until next time, I bid thee a wonderful evening”.

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