Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inverting in Reverse De La Riva

                                I                                                                              TO INVERT                                                       

Really.  I do it all the time from reverse de la riva.  One of my favorite techniques is shooting under my opponent from reverse de la riva and taking ze' back or sweeping.

I want to share a few pointers on my theory about how to make this technique work correctly and efficiently.  The main points you should focus on when you invert are:

1.  Grips

2.  Staying in a ball

Here is my short article about my theory of "Ball BJJ" if you haven't read it:

3.  Manipulating your opponent's legs, abdomen, and crotch area all at the same time

First, it's important to have the right grip.  Make sure arm is wrapped around your opponent's leg like this:

Notice, there is no space between my hand and my opponent's leg.  Also, I am making contact with my own leg and touching it. 

Next, and this is the most important thing about the technique, you must remain in a ball for it to work.  That means your legs are always together and close to your chest, your back is arched, elbows in, and your chin tucked. 

If your opponent breaks any part of your ball, the technique will not work and you may get your guard passed. 

Also, and this is very important as well, you must remain close to your opponent at all times (like glue).  If you are too far away, the technique will not work.

                     This is bad.  Very, very bad.

For example, this is not good at all.  Not only do I have a big scary Arab on top of me, but look at my body.  First, I am not in a ball.  My knees aren't close to my chest, and my legs are spread like a whore on nickel night.  Consequently, my back is on the floor.  Also, I'm not grabbing all the way around his leg with my right arm and I'm not touching my own leg like the picture above.  I have no grip either. I should have a cross collar grip with my left hand grabbing my opponent's left lapel.  Finally, look how far away I am from my opponent.  I am not up against him like I should be.

All he really has to do is shift his right knee in and flatten my little ass out.  I've already done half of his work for him, and maybe he will oblige me.  Once my ball is broken, it's over for me. 

Now, this is what the technique should look like:

Notice, my knees are close to my chest, and my body is arched.  My left hand is grabbing his left lapel.  I am off at an angle to him and not directly in front of him either. I want to stay very close, too.

As I invert, I want to invert into him.  Think about your opponent like he/she is invisible and that you are going to go right through them.  I keep my right arm around his leg, my knees in close,and keep my grip on his lapel.  This is a very strong ball that he will not be able to break. 

*Important-if you are training with foot locks, the above picture could take you to toe hold city.  If you are playing with foot locks, make sure to grab and control your opponent's left sleeve or wrist (no gi) instead of the left lapel place (foot on bicep is optional), so they can't put you in a toe hold.  Make sure to still keep your knees close to your body.  Sometimes you can use the sleeve/wrist control (or if your foot is on their bicep) to push them forward, which works to your advantage.  Once you start to get your left leg under, you can let go of the sleeve or wrist. 

At this point, I'm not worried about the top of his body.  That's too heavy for me, and if I try to fight that, I lose.  Manipulating his legs, abdomen, and crotch are much easier to do.  Again, my only concerns are his legs, abdomen, and crotch. 

Now, I'm going to use my arm that is wrapped around his leg, my DLR hook, my cross collar grip, and my knees to manipulate his lower body and go under him.  Don't think about this process as separate steps that you have to do one after another.  They should be done all at the same time. 

My arm has his leg in place so he can't move and I'm slowly bringing it towards me all the time.  I keep my de la riva hooked leg close to my chest and use that in conjunction with my arm to move my opponent forward or back  (preferably forward) to keep him off balance.  My cross collar grip keeps him close to me, and my left knee and the bottom part of my left leg are going to be pushing his abdomen or lower crotch forward to make more space for me to get under.

I am pretty much under and have let go of the cross collar grip (but not the hook on his leg-keep the hook).  Notice, that I am still in a ball (knees touching my chest) with my elbows in.  My knees are directly under his midsection, and all he can do is post his arms out as I move him forward.  I'm actually rocking him forward with my knees.  *Look where my left hand is in the above picture.  I will now grab his pant leg here, which will help me push him forward and also prevent him from escaping.

Now, I am behind him and he is in trouble.  Notice how I am still in a ball.  Notice as well that my opponent is not in a ball as knees are not close to his chest, his arm are out, torso flat, back not arched, and legs spread somewhat straight out.

Voila!  There you have it. 

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