Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday training

My buddy Jackie and I decided to get together this past Sunday to work on techniques, exchange ideas, and spar.  I was excited, because we are the same size and level, however we rarely get to train with each other.  This weekend was a Korean holiday, so we both expected the gym to be pretty dead.

Imagine our surprise when three more purple belts ended up showing up to the gym along with a few  whites, a brown belt, and one of our black belts who lives in Seoul!

                                            노영암 Noh Young-ahm (DCBS black belt)

I sparred for several hours, and it was a good feeling getting my butt kicked. I have to say it was a great atmosphere with everyone pushing each other and having fun.  

Also, I can't say enough good things about Young-ahm.  The guy is a class act all the way, and he is definitely someone I look up to.  I hope that someday my level of BJJ can come even remotely close to his. 

                                           ^^ He loves leg locks 전두광 Jun Doo-gwang

           My BJJ wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for this guy 이영석 Lee Young-suk


  1. Lol, I was thinking afterwards that I should have called and invited you.