Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Hard Way

“Judo teaches only through pain and effort”

From my friend Tom Gate's blog here in Busan, Korea (

Being involved in the sport of judo takes a lot of guts.  To obtain technical proficiency, physical strength and stamina, as well as intelligent strategy requires a long term, sustained effort.  It is a sport that requires sacrifice, focus, and just plain guts.  To remain in "judo shape" over long periods of time is a truly difficult and challenging thing.  The master instructor of the judo school at which I practice in Busan, South Korea is a real-life example of this sacrifice and dedication.

One day I had brought my camera to class and before anyone showed up (other than the head instructor seen in parts of the video below) I asked if he would demonstrate some of the strength building exercises for judo.  He obliged.  He walked onto the mat cold and did some things I simply can't imagine being able to do.  In addition to this, he is 64 years old!!  Unbelievable.

A true judo master.

This video is so awesome that I just had to ride Tom's coat tails and post it.  Seriously though, this stuff is awe inspiring and unbelievable.   Make sure to pick your jaw up off the floor after you are done watching.  I hope I look this good at 64.  Judo rules.

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