Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knee Bar


What the hell, man?  What is it with this submission?  I mean, really.  I couldn't hit one if my life depended on it (which is unfortunate for a leg lock stud like myself).  Also, it's one of the the subs I get caught in most often.

Okay, okay I know what you're thinking (*cue dude bro voice), “Listen man, if you want to get better at knee bars, practice more knee bars and stop acting like a baby”.

Well...I HAVE!

I remember never  getting a guillotine until well after I was a blue belt.  I would try them and never pull them off.  When someone would teach them in class, I would be dumbfounded.  Basically after awhile I just gave up on them completely.  

One day, my instructor was teaching guillotines and showed one little concept that changed everything.  Suddenly, it clicked.  I started submitting people with them all the time (especially from half guard).

Still waiting for that “Ah ha!” moment with the knee bar....What's that one sub you can never hit?  

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