Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busan International Film Festival-el resquicio & In Darkness

Due to my misanthropic nature, I usually avoid large crowds at all costs.  In a daring feat of bravery, I ventured out of my neighborhood this week to partake in a couple of movies showing at the annual film festival here in Busan.

                              An early Wednesday morning before the crowds
The first film I saw was a movie from Colombia (imagine me saying Colombia like Tony Montana) called el resquicio.

                                         el resquicio

If you don't any Spanish, the trailer talks about a kid that is obsessed with his aunt, and a couple of kids that believe a witch lives in the forest.

The second film I saw was called In Darkness.  Is was directed by Agnieszka Holland (the director of Europa, Europa; an excellent movie and true story about a young Jewish man who served in the German army during WWII to avoid the concentration camps). 

The movie tells the true story of Leopold Socha, and how he helped a group of Jews in Lwów, Poland hide in the sewers beneath their city during WWII to avoid the Nazis. 

                                         In Darkness

 I can't say enough good things about this movie.  It was a really powerful film, and I highly recommend it. 

 A photo I took at Auschwitz concentration camp outside of Krakow, Poland.  It says, "Work shall   set you free". 


  1. Hi, don´t you have any comments about El Resquicio?

    PD: its not Columbia, its Colombia.

  2. It wasn't a bad movie, but I didn't enjoy it a whole lot either.

    I had a problem with some of the story line and some of the decisions of the characters.

    I understand that the filmmaker was trying to build up to the conclusion, but the pace of the movie was painfully slow (and I'm a guy that likes slow movies). Also, the decision of the twins at the end seemed to come out of nowhere.

    I have to say that the acting was superb, especially the guy who played the older brother (I really believed that he was a creep).

    Also, I really enjoyed the cinematography (it was beautiful) and the location where the director shot the movie. I think it really helped create a menacing atmosphere for the movie.

  3. Also, I fixed that. Thanks for letting me know.