Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tozi Korea rashguard

   My collection of rashguards

I am a bonafide rashguard junkie.  I'm not into skulls, dragons, or tribal designs.  I really love plain, simple designs (hence my collection of RVDDW rashguards).  My instructor recently made new team rashguads, so I got a new one tonight to add to my ever growing collection.  The design has a lot going on on it, but it's pretty sweet nonetheless.

Review:  The major drawback of this rashguard is that I can't walk around the gym and show off my muscles when I wear it.  Enjoy this picture of my cat:


  1. It was pre-order only. I can get you some shorts if you want (40,000 Won). They have the same design, and they also have the Korean and Brazilian flag on them.

  2. Master Park should have some extra rash guards

  3. Oh and i never seen u wore the badass honey badger before