Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RVDDW Bearbrick

                                             Rash guard on the Bearbrick (which I own)

I got this Bearbrick at Mandarake (a big toy shop) in Japan.  What's a Bearbrick?  Well, they are these collectable plastic bears that adults pay up to and over a thousand dollars for (mine didn't cost that much).  Why?  I don't know.  Some things in this world just don't make any sense.  Actually, a lot of them have really cool designs and Bearbrick collaborates with famous artists, designers, and does a lot of special Bearbricks based on celebrites, musicians, and movies.  They come in five sizes:  50%, 100% (mine), 200%, 400%, and the elusive 1000%.

                                            A $1,500  400% (28 centimeters) Bearbrick, insane

                              100% (seven centimeters)Mega Man Kubrick and Bearbrick!

                        1000% Bearbrick (70 centimeters)-I saw this one in Japan.  It's expensive

I also got a  couple of new RVDDW rash guards last week for about $100.00 from the Isami shop in Seoul!

                               Out of Production

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