Sunday, February 17, 2013

ZST.33 10th Anniversary

My plan was to show a couple of my teammates some love and post their fights from ZST.33 10th Anniversary, but ZST doesn't upload any of their fights on their You Tube channel.  All I could find was this promo for the event that they fought at.  The trailer is actually pretty cool.

ZST.33 10th Anniversary

ZST Rules
*Three rounds (a minute and a half rest period)-the first and second rounds are five minutes with the third round being an extra round that is three minutes in duration
*All striking allowed standing (punches, elbows, knees, kicks)
* Only strikes to the body are allowed on the ground
*Bouts are not judged
*In the event that there is no winner (KO, TKO, or submission) bouts are ruled a draw

Other Rules
Grappling rule
*Two rounds (first a one minute rest period and then a two minute rest period)-the first and second rounds are five minutes
*Positioning is not considered an important factor in scoring a match
*Any motions, like clinching or holding, that impedes bouts are prohibited

ZST, ZST GP, Battle Hazard, GT-F (grappling rule), Genesis, SWAT!, Pre Stage

A bit funky, but interesting!

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