Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mind C (마인드 C)

                                            My teammate Min-goo in comic book form

I've been posting my teammate's comic strips for awhile now on my blog.  They are in Korean, but now there's a website in English where you can keep up with all the wackiness:

Okay, so for those that read my blog and don't live in Korea, there is a thing called "fan death" that Koreans believe in.  Basically, they think that if you leave a fan on in an enclosed room with no ventilation (closed door and closed windows), you will....DIE! 

I'm serious.  Almost everyone believes this:  Grown ups, young people, old people, teachers, doctors, you name it.  Growing up in Texas half my life where it's extremely hot (my father lives on the border of Mexico where you basically can't leave the house in the middle of the day), I've relayed to some Koreans the times where I'd close the door to my room with the windows shut and sleep with multiple fans on to stay cool at night. 

My story is always followed  by an inevitable  series of responses:  "No, that's impossible", "You got lucky", or "There must have been a crack or a window or a door open and you didn't know". 

Anyway, now that you know a little background information, this is hilarious.

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