Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PK Styles (giveaway)/PK Styles 경쟁!

PK Styles is a new company based out of Busan, Korea selling grappling gear and accessories at great prices.  Also, the owner, Patrick Keating, speaks fluent English and is from America, so placing an order is very simple and hassle free.  Patrick's phone number is located at the bottom of the website for orders in English 010-5542-83420.  Here is the website:

    PK Styles at DCBS competition in Busan

PK Styles is giving away a free Clinch Gear, Contract Killer, or Manto t-shirt.  Here's how to win:

1.  Go to PK Styles on Facebook:
2.  "Like" PK Styles

A winner will be announced June 1, good luck.

무료 T-셔츠 (커린치 기어, 콘트락트 킬러,만토)
1. 페이스 북에서 PK 스타일로 이동
2.  "Like" 선택 PK Styles

우승자는 6월 1일 발표

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