Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SHOOTO gloves

Here are my babies.  I got these awesome SHOOTO gloves from Japan.   They are made of leather, and all the stitching is black (it looks white in the pictures, but it isn't).  The tag on the inside has the size on one side and Made In Japan on the other.

I was also lucky enough to attend Shootor's Legacy 4 in Tokyo last year, too.  The crowd was a lot more lively than at DREAM and the tickets were super cheap. There were also some pro Japanese fighters milling about watching the fights.  A guy I trained with in Japan told me that the last time he went he saw Gomi walking around and watching the fights. 

If you are ever in Tokyo and want to go to a show, find a Lawson's convenient store (they are everywhere).  They have ticket machines there, and, if you ask nicely, one of the clerks may help you purchase tickets.

                               Merchandise booth 

Also, there are a limited number of standing room only tickets available the day of the event for purchase at Korakuen Hall. 

    Shin Kochiwa v.s. Shinji Sasaki

                     Karokuen hallway

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