Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jean Cousteau-Gastrocnemius Frendo

“Hello, dear viewers and welcome to the amazing and exotic world of leg locks. I am your host, Jean Cousteau. I will be your guide and companion, and together we will explore places beyond your wildest imagination”. 

                                                   Jean Cousteau

  Welcome dear viewers to our latest episode.  If you missed our previous episodes, here ze' are:

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Episode 2:
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Today, we will look at ze' venomous gastrocnemius frendo, better know to ze' world as ze' deadly calf crush.  Zis' particular species is actually quite volatile and will attack without any provocation whatsoever. 

 It is truly an exquisite creature rarely seen in ze' wild.  Today, to help us study zis' species we have our I Love Leg Locks in ze' field correspondent Jeon Doo-gwang (전두광).  Jeon has labored extensively in ze' field observing ze' leg lock in many different habitats.

                                              ADCC Asia Trials 2011

                                2011 ADCC Asia Trials Japan Jeon Doo-gwang (전두광)

                               2012 ADCC Trials Philippines 

Come, let us take a closer look....

“Make sure to tune in next time for more adventure.  Thank you dear viewers, and until next time, I bid thee a wonderful evening”.

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